WhatsApp is Finally Introducing Ads to its Status Feature Starting Next Year!

Ad Revenue is quite “IN” these days and that’s why you will soon be seeing ads become a part of WhatsApp Status (the Story feature of the messaging platform copied from Snapchat). Although plans for monetizing WhatsApp have been in place since last year, Facebook purchasing the messaging platform took things up by a notch.

Olivier Ponteville and Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra shared the exciting news coming out of the Facebook Marketing Summit 2019 that WhatsApp Status will get ads next year. Although it is a huge development, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Instagram Stories also started featuring ads a while after its launch in 2016.

However, monetizing WhatsApp can mean big things for the Facebook Company as a whole, considering its massive usage with over 500 million DAUs on stories and 1.5 billion monthly active users. Advertisers will certainly be more than willing to invest in a growing market like WhatsApp. For those who don’t know, Facebook has monetization enabled for WhatsApp involving the latter’s Business API.

Many people are hesitant about this change as they think that it might interfere with their privacy on the platform and a major reason behind why people adore WhatsApp is due to its end-to-end encryption and privacy-oriented services. Thus, unless Facebook does something to assure the users of WhatsApp that ads will not result in the violation of privacy, people will oppose the change.

Other announced features that should soon make their way to WhatsApp include Richer Messaging Formats (via WhatsApp for Businesses) and a product catalog combined with Facebook Business Manager Catalog.

Ponteville also shared screenshots demonstrating all of the above mentioned developments in action. Thus, it can be said that next year will be quite crucial for WhatsApp as it turns its focus towards the business side and prepares to change its landscape forever.

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