Bill Gates gives all the credit to Steve Jobs to be the only influential person for the whole success that Apple achieved so far

Microsoft Co-founder seemed inspired by Steve jobs Leadership skills.

During an interview with Bloomberg, Bill Gates commented on Steve Jobs talent that how he made Apple so successful. He discussed some of the great qualities of Steve Jobs that were actually responsible for the achievements of his company.

Bill gates thinks Steve Jobs was the only one who could save Apple. In another interview on CNN with Farid Zakaria, Bill Gates shed some light upon the leadership qualities of Steve Jobs. He said that the CEO of Apple, who was losing his life gradually because of cancer and finally died in 2011, he was remarkably optimistic.

Bill Gates said that he succeeded even when he failed. He quoted the NeXT debut that was founded by Steve after being fired from Apple. There he proved himself as the perfect man for this job.

He further discussed the bogus computer systems made in 1988 and told that Steve won the hearts of people at that time.

Gates stated that Steve had wonderful motivational power and he used to motivate the employees like anything. At the same time, he used to be firm and resilient with them when needed.

Bill Gates told Bloomberg that I did not see anyone after Steve jobs with such outstanding qualities so far. Steve used to identify the talent and then polished it by constant motivation with an aesthetic sense of beauty and ugliness regarding designs.

Steve was a blend of politeness and firmness that made him produce an unbelievable positive team to work.

Gates was also firm with employees

Steve Wozniak established Apple with Steve jobs and mentioned his unforgiving attitude with the staff. He said that he used to avoid debating over things to prevent the conflicts. He further stated that Steve used to say bitter things about employees.

At that time Bill gates started his charity foundation with his wife Melinda on the name of Bill and Melinda Gates. He was busy in maintaining that in 2000. He kind of ignored Microsoft due to his busy schedule at the foundation.

Bill Gates said that he was also a strict boss of his time especially in the days when Microsoft started. He used to hire the people by himself and they were mostly males. I will make a confession that I used to give them a hard time and sometimes it went worst.

Featured photo: Eric Vidal / Reuters
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