You can now stop People from Adding you in their WhatsApp Groups without Blocking them!

If you are annoyed by people (not even in your contact list) adding you in random WhatsApp groups, this one’s for you. The cross-platform messaging and VoIP service is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to control who can add you in groups.

Whatsapp announced that with the help of new feature unknown users won't be able to add you in their groups. In addition to that, you can stop everyone from adding you or you can just let things go as they are and allow everyone to add you. Until now, the only way to stop being added was to block the group’s admin.

The feature should not come as a surprise as the service has been trying for quite some time now to prevent misinformation from spreading. According to BBC, political campaigners (before last year’s elections in Brazil) used some kind of software to add several people into their politically driven groups without their knowledge and permission. Time Magazine adds that this approach is quite common in India as well.

To be on the safe side, WhatsApp has already started labeling messages that are forwarded to make them stand out. In addition to that, the maximum number of times a message can be forwarded has been set to five. Moreover, a new fact-checking feature was also introduced recently in India which will let the users verify the authenticity of messages that they receive.

It should be noted that even if you have prohibited everyone from adding you in a group, you can still be sent a private link to join, which expires in 72 hours, giving you 3 days’ time to ponder about whether to join the group or not.
"With these new features, users will have more control over the group messages they receive.", announced WhatsApp team in a blog post.
You can avail the new feature by heading to Account -> Settings -> Privacy -> Groups. After that you will be given three options about who can add you in groups (1. Nobody 2. Your Contacts or 3. Everyone). The feature was launched a couple of days ago but it will take a few weeks for it to be fully available for all users.
Whatsapp finally introduces a way to stop people from adding your to their spammy groups

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  1. Can't seem to find the group setting on my Android S7.

  2. This feature is not available ..I try but couldn't find

  3. This feature is missing in my phone. I need it!

  4. This is nonsense - disregard this article. There is no such setting on WhatsApp. Everybody move to telegram

  5. According to Whatsapp official blog post - - "These new privacy settings will begin rolling out to some users starting today and will be available worldwide in the coming weeks to those using the latest version of WhatsApp."

  6. im using the latest updates 26/6/2019 this feature is not available

  7. For all those saying 'this feature is not available '.....pls don't spread false information instead update your current whatsapp to the latest version, it has all the features aforementioned above as well as finger print lock mode. You will enjoy it !

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