Was Retweet a bad idea?

The “Retweet” button on Twitter is one of the most substantial features of the micro-blogging app. However, the developer behind the button claims that maybe the whole retweet thing was a ‘bad idea.’

Chris Wetherell, the developer who worked for Google Reader before joining Twitter in 2009 says that initially, the feature was a simple addition that allowed users to spread tweets from one place to another. Before they introduced the retweet button, users had to copy-paste other people’s tweet that was a tiresome task for many.

He also admitted that during the production, Twitter staff was more concerned about using the feature for situations like ‘earthquakes’ and other natural disasters. However, the company feels like they have handed a 4-year old loaded weapon since many users are using the same to spread misinformation.

Wetherell also says that he and his team are aware that the action cannot be reversed. However, the company is working on several ways to reciprocate the situation including the launch of a switch that would effectively moderate shared content and limiting the numbers of retweet a user gets.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also agreed to the statement made by Chris Wetherell and said that the company is working on incentives and ramifications of all actions, including the retweet option.

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