New Twitter Update Gives More Retweet Options

The retweet is a time honored part of what makes Twitter such a great social media platform, but there was a problem that a lot of people were facing with this platform that had a lot to do with the kind of retweets people focused on while they were scrolling through their feed. If someone quoted your tweet and added a comment to it, while technically this is a retweet just like any other, you might not get notified for this sort of post and that would lead to a fair amount of confusion.

According to a tweet sent out by Twitter’s own official account, now you can retweet and quote a tweet at the same time, something that will help with analytics and will also give you a lot more control over how the information you are providing can be disseminated to your followers.

However, there is a concern among some users that involves this function being misused. We already see a lot of people on Twitter that tend to go overboard with their tweets, and now that they have the option to basically double retweet something your timeline might end up getting inundated with the same tweet time and time again.

It’s pretty clear that Twitter will have to put some regulatory measures in place in order to ensure that this kind of thing is not misused, but only time will tell what these regulatory measures will end up being.

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