Twitter To Soon Address Why Users Are Seeing Notice Regarding Unavailable Tweet

Many users on Twitter might see “This Tweet is unavailable” in conversation thread which is nurturing curiosity. The social media platform will soon be addressing it as they are working to add context to this notice.

Twitter Support clarified that they are working on the issue where users see “This Tweet is unavailable” notice. Usually, this label appears if the tweet is deleted, protected or includes the muted keywords.

The company assured that in coming weeks, users will be able to find out why certain tweet is unavailable, with the added context that will explain the unavailability.

There could be several reasons behind an unavailable tweet. It could be either against the policies, muted by the user or may be deleted because of the certain keywords used.

Product Lead at Twitter, Kayvon Beykpour said every aspect of an unavailable tweet is being checked. Company is working to be more transparent about why this is done.

According to him, many of the tweets are unavailable because they are protected.

Twitter is on its way to make things easier for users and leave them in no confusion, therefore, they will soon be adding extra information to unavailable tweets.
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