How Mark Zuckerberg’s Choice of Words Changed Over the Past Year

Things changed for Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but its important to realize that with scandal after scandal coming Facebook’s way something needed to be done in order to try and salvage the company’s stock price which, after appreciating consistently for about six years, started to nosedive and has now become quite notorious for being difficult to predict and unstable, now going between $140 and a little over $200 depending on what period of time you are observing the stocks at.

A lot of things have changed at Facebook, but one of the biggest changes that is being seen with Facebook facing a lot of public outcry as well as a mass exodus of users in the younger demographic in the face of accusations that the social media platform abuses the privacy of its users is that Mark Zuckerberg is speaking differently now. If you were to analyze the quarterly reports he releases, you would see that the words that he chooses to use are now quite different from what they used to be.

Whereas the word “ads” used to be something that Zuckerberg said quite a lot, consistently coming up as one of the top five nouns that he uses in his public communications, over the past year his usage of the word has fallen off completely. According to TheNextWeb findings, now he uses words like experience and community, words that are less likely to make Facebook seem like some kind of dystopian ad machine and more of a family friendly place that you can use in your free time. The interesting thing is that this has definitely helped Facebook improve its stock prices, so this might just be the thing that Facebook needed in order to get back in form.

Analysis of Zuckerberg’s words choices suggests Facebook is selling experiences instead of ads

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