Influencers Marketing is the Easiest Way to the Heart of Audience (infographic)

A few years ago marketing was just for the bigger companies to help them reach their desired audience however, things have changed now. Where mass media advertisement was expensive and less effective, digital media and social media marketing have changed the game for all. Now the brands can collaborate with their desired influencers and they can help them reach their targeted audience, with the help of these influencers targeting has become laser sharp. There are influencers who are only specializing in food whereas, others in lifestyle, makeup, fashion, household, and even budgeting.

Since the influencers are in direct contact with their audience they have a better grip over what might suit their audience. With the help of a few tools, their interaction with the audience, better engagement, and betterment to the core of their work influencers have changed the marketing game a long time ago. This type of marketing helps to reach out to real people and make the marketing relatable only for the targeted audience.

Stats explain that over the past 3 years’ time, there has been a 1500% increase in the Google search for influencer marketing. As long as the budget is concerned, this type of marketing generates 11% more ROI than traditional marketing style. Due to the lower budget and better engagement, brands are now trusting the use of influencers marketing. In 2015 only 65% of the brands were using influencer marketing however since then the stats have only grown and now in 2018, 78% of the brands used influencer marketing for building brand awareness. According to the last years’ the report, 58% of brands have seen improvement in brand awareness and 54% have noticed betterment in leads and revenue generation. Moreover, 78% of brands have also seen improvement in their content output which is a very promising sign.

Most of the brands think about followers only while reaching out to the influencers with most followers and reach, however, experts explain that selection of the influencers on the basis of industry and brand requirement is very important. There are 16 main industries that make the most of influencers marketing, these influencers industries include social media, food, health, music, entertainment, business, parenting, lifestyle, pop culture, DIY, fashion, technology, advertisement, beauty, videogames, and travel. It is better to choose the influencers carefully because this largely impacts the targeted audience. Take look at below infographic for more insights.

Under the Influence: 84 Influencer Marketing Stats - Infographic

Under the Influence - 84 Influencer Marketing Stats [Infographic]

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Infographic Source: SMT / Smallbizgenius. | Featured Photo: Getty/Gallo Images.
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