Dear Windows 7, you will be missed

We have seen the era of technology evolve around us. We live in a digital world where every passing second a new technology is introduced. Different companies try out various techniques to create unique products to help make the list of its users easy and to stand out in the market of competition. With passing time, the requirements and the demands of the consumers change and to move forward companies need to create new products every once in a while to stand out. Sometimes people like the change and sometimes they don’t but with time people usually adapt themselves according to the change in their surroundings.

Microsoft - changing lives from the beginning

Microsoft is one of the most popular firms in all over the world. We have seen it evolve from Windows 98 to Windows 10. We have seen it all. The majority of the world’s computers run on the operating systems of Microsoft. Microsoft always tries to come up with new strategies to attract new users and to make tits platform friendly enough for all sorts of age groups.

Microsoft retiring Windows 7

Over the past years, Microsoft upgraded its technology according to the requirements of the clients. Although currently, Microsoft’s Windows 10 is gaining a lot of interests from all over the world but there are 35% still using Windows 7.

Recently, Microsoft released that they will be shutting down Windows 7 from January 2020 and this release has all Windows 7 users stressed about their device’s security.

Research conducted by Kollective

The research by Kollective highlights that the people are not ready yet to give up Windows 7. Although 96% of the businesses have already started the migration to Windows 10 many others are still unlikely to complete the migration before January 2020. Earlier this year, Microsoft stated that 99 percent of the Software running on Windows 7 should also fully support Windows 10 and 1 percent left will be offered assistance from the company.

Why people take time to update their devices?

One of the major factors behind people delaying the updates is because they worry that the new update might have some bugs that could slow down their devices. 79% of organizations don’t install updates immediately at all and reasons were reliability concerns and some were worried that it might affect their internal activities.

53% of people said that they wait for at least a month after the update just to receive feedback about the update from the users and then upgrade according to that.

The new ‘Windows as a service” the model will come with unique challenges, monthly quality updates or bug fixes will be under 1GB whereas other bi-yearly features can be up to 5GB due to increased frequency and size of the updates.

Bottom line

Microsoft will continue to offer custom support for Windows 7 users even after the deadline of January 2020 but this option will become expensive every year. Companies will be required to pay $50 per Windows 7 device in the first year and the price doubling to $100 in the next year.

Photo: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

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