Google AdSense apps will no longer be a part of App stores in 2020

We live in an era of digital world where we pretty much rely on everything on various smartphone apps. From finding guidelines to use new technology to introducing methods to adapt various changes, mobile apps cover it all.

Google is one of the largest online tech giants that provide a variety of services to its users. People use this platform to search for a huge variety of topics and to get guidelines according to their tasks. Different companies try to adapt according to the requirements of its customers, Google always comes up with new services and products to attract more people and to create its platform stand out in the market full of rivals.

Google AdSense discontinuing soon

For any business to succeed, advertising plays a crucial role in it. Google AdSense is one of the largest advertising platforms and this is what powers all sorts of ads on all major internet websites. Its Android and iOS apps offered a quick way to check the earnings from different ad units and other relevant data.

Recently, Andrew Gildfind AdSense Product Manager, confirmed that Google will be sunsetting the AdSense Android and iOS apps because they only want their focus on web interfaces that will help deliver AdSense features optimized for mobile and much faster than other versions. At the end of 2019, the apps will be completely removed from all app stores.

Improvements with web interface

As Google will be removing the AdSense apps from App stores along with that it is also released some updates to AdSense mobile web Interface to give better mobile browser experience to switch over when AdSense app is not going to be available anymore.

Bottom Line

It sounds that with the removal of AdSense apps, the web interfaces will be more improved to help webmasters, according to Google only a third of their users' access AdSense from mobile devices will be affected by upcoming changes but overall the Web interface sounds promising for mobile users as well.
"Like our publishers who have built their businesses around the mobile web, we look forward to leveraging great new web technologies to deliver an even better, more automated, and more useful mobile experience."

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