Facebook, YouTube, Weather: Top 20 Google Search Queries of Q2 2019

With the second quarter of 2019 officially behind us, it is time to collect the data concerned with various activities that transpired in the world of internet from April 1st to June 30th. That also includes the Top Google Queries.

A list of top 20 Google Search Queries based on Google Searches attempted across the globe, was prepared, courtesy of Google Trends. Although most of the entries in the list and their positions on the chart were expected, the search volumes were quite interesting.

That should raise another question i.e. Google doesn’t publish Search Volumes so how was the volume for each query determined? The answer to this question is that the chart was prepared using the Relative Volumes for each Query compared to the Search Volumes for the Top Query. The results were presented under the Index Column.

So, an index of 82 typically means that the query in question received 82% of the search volume of the Top Query.

Coming to the chart now, it can be seen that the query “Facebook” has been searched the most during the last 3 months and has thus, emerged as the Top Query. It’s interesting to see the term Facebook on top, as it means that countless people search this term to access Facebook instead of visiting it through the official website of Facebook directly.

Facebook is followed by “Google” with an index of 88, which is quite interesting as well because it is difficult to grasp the fact that people use Google to search for… Google!

YouTube, Instagram and Amazon also managed to make it to Top 10. Additionally, terms like Gmail, Yahoo, CricBuzz and Twitter, although failed to make the top 10, solidified their respective spots in the Top 20.

It will be interesting to see how many of these top 20 search queries will get knocked off their positions by other terms once the results for Q3 come in.

Top 20 Google Search Queries of Q2 2019
Chart Courtesy of: DataReportal.

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