42% of Kids Spending 30+ Hours a Week on Their Phone. Plus More Facts...

The researchers over at SellCell have set out to answer some of the key questions around how kids use cell phones. They have explored when parents typically buy their kids their own phone and the reasons why. The study reveals how much time on average per week kids spend on their smartphones and if parents police their child’s cell phone activity. Plus, they have discovered what kids do on their phones and how much parents typically spend on buying a phone for their child.

With so much noise around childhood obesity, behavioral issues and cyber bullying linked to childrens’ phone habits; are parents closely monitoring their child’s phone usage? Be prepared to be shocked at some of the insights revealed below!

SellCell surveyed 1135 parents in the US with children between the ages of four and fourteen. Survey conducted in July 2019 (See below for more information about the data and methodology).

Survey Highlights

  • Are kids becoming cell phone addicts? 42% of kids are spending 30+ hours a week on their cell phones!
  • Are phones ‘Guilty Pleasure Time’ for parents? 4 in 10 parents allow their kids to use phones so they can ‘Enjoy Peace & Quiet’. 40% of parents admit to allowing their kids to use cell phones to give themselves a break
  • 57% of kids mainly use their phone for gaming.
  • Completing homework was the least popular activity on their phones (only 18%)
  • Nearly 70% of parents think that the use of cellphones has a positive effect on their child’s development (68%)
  • 25% of parents admit to spending up to $250 on their child’s phone
  • Over 4% of parents spent $850+ on a phone for their child!
  • Is this a nation of toddler techies? 12% of children first use a phone between the ages of 1-2!
  • 4 in 10 US kids are 6 or under when they first use a cellphone (40%)
  • 65% of pre-teen kids, under the age of 13 own their own phone
  • Parents are secret cell snoopers. Nearly 9 out of 10 parents know their child’s phone passcode (88%).
Full survey including all data, analysis and charts can be read here.

Survey Data Collection Information & Methodology

Parents with children between the ages of 4 – 14
Gender Split: 53% Women / 46% Men

1135 Parents

All parents located in the United States (USA)

Kids Cell Phone Use Survey 2019 – Truth about Kids and Smart Devices
Photo: Diego_cervo via Getty Images
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