Pegasus can go inside iCloud, and Apple seems OK with it

Many hacking tools have been created to capture the stored information in iPhones and iPads, but none of them could penetrate into iCloud. However, the new hacking tool is created which is different from old tools.

According to Financial Times, Pegasus is able to hack all the data stored in iCloud. It is a software which is created by Israeli cyber intelligence firm, NSO Group. NSO sells its software to governments to let them rule by establishing authoritarian rule, but there are concerns that others could use it as well.

The application can trick the iCloud security. Named Pegasusn, it can access all of the photos and backed-up information by dodging two-step verification process and without the need of logins. It clone the authentication codes due to which authorities can see everything stored in iCloud.

Besides Apple products, Pegasus can also hack Android phones and laptops to get access to their information and local information.

Apple says that the hacking tool was played down by the company and it is their belief that the software cannot harm the consumers and their data.

NSO group is a well-known company. It is famous for helping out FBI in opening the phone of mass shooter of San Bernardino after Apple argued with FBI against its request.

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