Jony Ive lost his interest in Apple after Tim Cook took the position of Steve Jobs

The technology giant, Apple has a lot of reputation among other companies. We’ve seen the growth of this firm with our own eyes. We’ve seen the era of Steve Jobs and now of Tim Cook as well.

Jony Ive holds legendary status at Apple. He is credited for the most famous products of Apple including iPhone where he worked with the founder Steve Jobs.

Cook became the CEO after the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. Although he tried to satisfy all employee including Ive with a hefty pay packet and even made Ive chief design officer in 2015. But Cook was less interested in the design process than Steve. People in the design studio didn’t see much of Cook like they used to see Jobs in most of the Ceremonies.

According to Wall Street Journal, the difference in the leadership style of Cook left Ive with his spirit lost in the firm.

Ive don’t have any interest in the company anymore

Ive started drifting away from the firm after the death of Steve Jobs. He gradually disengaged himself from day-to-day Apple operations. Ive was turning up in the office as little as twice in a week. He started shedding his responsibilities. Jony Ive’s Apple exit has been a long time in the making after he was turning up little in a week.

Last week, after being in this firm for 27 Years Ive announced his departure from Apple. He is setting up his own design company called LoveFrom, which will work closely with Apple.

On the other side, in a response to Dylan Byers of NBCnews, Tim Cook labeled the WSJ story as “absurd.”. He further, explained “A lot of the reporting [in the WSJ article], and certainly the conclusions, just don’t match with reality.”

Apple will continue to benefit from Jony’s talent even after his departure

Although Ive announced his resignation from the firm but he’s still willing to work closely with Apple whenever required. Apple will still be able to directly work with Ive on exclusive projects and also through the work of brilliant and passionate team Ive has built for this company.

When we work with a firm for that much long duration it's considered a second home and it was a difficult decision for Ive to move away from Apple but this will help him focus more on the things he still has interest in. We hope without Ive but with the team Ive built Apple will still provide unique products to its users.

Photo: NOAH BERGER via Getty Images

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