Who Will Grow in the World of Tech Startups? Founders Predicted the Future (infographic)

Today’s tech founders have knowledge about the world of innovation. They know that why some tech start-ups are successful and why some are failing. Many of these founders have invested in different start-ups and gone to invest in tech unicorns.

VisualCapitalist put together an infographic based on “State of Startup 2018” by FirstRound. The Survey consist of prediction of 529 founders who shared that which startup has chance to become successful.

The chart consisted of the valuation of different companies and their future prediction. According to the stats of survey, Stripe, payment start-up, is on top. The payment company grossed $1.8 billion in 2013, but now its gross-earning is grown to $22 billion. Therefore, founders predicted that Stripe will keep on growing in coming years.

Majority of the startups and tech unicorns included in the list are those that have already hit the market, like Pinterest, Uber, Lyft and Slack. These four companies’ shares has been selling in market since the first half of 2019. Slack’s example is notable to discuss. The company hit directly in the stock exchange. Therefore, now its current price is 48.5 percent less than those 24 hours when its shares were released.

PayPal Mafia is also playing an important role in shaping Silicon Valley’s ecosystem since it parted ways from PayPal. The group of investors and entrepreneurs has given rise to many major tech unicorns like YouTube, SpaceX, Planatir and LinkedIn which invested further in different start-ups. These four are also included in top 10 ranking of the survey.

Founders and entrepreneurs predicted that the companies listed in the chart are going to be successful in future and the points given to them are perfect for “world’s future tech founders”. The founders further said that Uber will spinout the tech talent the most by 2023.

In the survey, 60 percent of the founders had opinion that “world is in the bubble of technology”. Some of them believe that that bubble is nowhere to pop and some had opinion that it is going to pop.

Furthermore, 57 percent of the founders believe that USA will dominate in technology, while 39 percent of predictors believed that China will rule the sector by 2028.

However, it is difficult to predict as the tensions are rising between the two rivals which is making the coming of tech talent in front competitive.

Tech Founders Predict the Next Wave of Startup Growth
Tech Founders Predict the Next Wave of Startup Growth - infographic
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