Tech Companies That Create Chaos Run Away from Taking Responsibility, said Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said the tech companies have created a mess but are not mature enough to take up the responsibility of it.

While talking at Stanford University, Cook talked about technology’s diverse effect on people and especially negatively due to privacy breaching issues.

Cook thinks that though Silicon Valley is to be credited for some of the great innovations like mobile phone and social media platforms they should not shy away from taking the responsibility of where things go in the wrong direction.

He said that the issues like privacy breaching, hate speech and leaked data are not taken much seriously. Just because intentions were good does not justify the hazardous results out of it.

Things that are responsible for creating chaos cannot run away from it, especially when it comes to privacy.

He was of the view that leaking or selling data is not just losing your information, it's stealing of the right and freedom to live as humans.

Many tech companies have a basic business model of collecting as much information as possible of their consumers and then selling it to others, like advertisers.

While some of the companies are unable to provide enough security and are easily hacked and thus data is often stolen. There are also certain companies that influenced elections by spreading disinformation.

In recent times, encrypted information services were incorporated by many companies as a way to secure information sharing online, but the government has been trying to violate and get access to the encrypted conversations. Whereas as a counter-argument, privacy advocates are of the view that the government already have much information about their citizens.

With the lack of digital privacy, people become more conscious of what they say, even if they have nothing wrong to say, depriving them to think and express their opinions freely, said Cook.

Video: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the Commencement address at Stanford's 128th Commencement on June 16, 2019.

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