Google Fuchsia launched a website to highlight the nitty gritty of it's new open source OS for developers

Google has projected a new website targeted at developers who are inclined to its operating system that is Fuchsia. Fuchsia is an open source operating system by Google that was designed to be a union of Android and Chrome operating systems. It is somewhat similar to the approach of Microsoft in which Microsoft wanted to combine all Windows into one basic platform. And it was meant to create such a platform that can support all devices.

At the moment Fuchsia considering swapping some parts of Android that's not fully confirmed. By that they mean the Frameworks that are responsible for the swift performance of apps and services we use will be replaced.

Google’s new Fuchsia site enables the developers to think more productively in the matter of designing an operating system.

The site is providing the content for developers that will help them to understand it, and the required material that you may need to develop your app for the new OS if you are interested.

Google did not make any public announcement about launching this site yet. But the tech giant wants it to be in motion soon so that it can serve the purpose.

Google Fuchsia launched a website that goes on the air for developers:

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