TikTok is tempting the users by certain rewards in case of inviting others to enhance the number of download

TikTok’s new tactic is attracting users by giving rewards on referring the app to their friends. According to the notifications sent to users and terms and services page by doing this users can earn points for prizes to your favorite stores. A unique invitation code is being awarded to the user, who uses it to invite friends.

After that the user can claim some gift cards if they have a certain number of points. For example they can have $10 Starbucks gift card as a reward after gaining 2000 TikTok points, similarly some other brands are also affiliated with this like AMC theater, Uber, Sephora, dominoes, Walmart, CVS, Dunkin, Burger King, and Target.

According to Apptopia TikTok has a huge number of downloads around the globe. Only China is exempted from this survey because of the vast Android market. It’s difficult to measure the data in this case.

The graph showed peaks in growth after the merger of Musical.ly and TikTok but it showed a decline after some time because of the temporary ban in India.

To cover this gap, TikTok used the tactics of marketing. They published excessive ads on Snapchat Instagram and Twitter that the teams of these networks took notice of publicity. TikTok also hired personnel for the ad campaigns.

This referral reward strategy is not new rather it is used to expand the circle of users to give them a charm of cool stuff. TikTok couldn’t proceed it successfully. The users have lots of queries regarding incomplete information about redeeming points (though the app has a dedicated page for it). They also reported that they are facing some technical problems on inviting friends to the app. They are related to signing up and other account-related issues.

TikTok users suffer from the same issue when they tried to avail TikTok other offer called TikTok perks which grants “loot crate” spilling with prizes upon referral. People reported the same that they tried but unable to unlock the loot crate.

According to DigiDay, Chris Higa a content creator on Snapchat and Instagram went through the same. To claim the reward they need an account. Upon making one they said you are already a user so you can’t have redeemed points.

Chris thought it might be a mistake and then confirm it by friends who were entirely new but the results were almost the same. Such problems are not at all expected from companies like TikTok. It is a big question on the credibility of such a big name. TikTok is silent on all this.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov / Getty Images

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