This New Feature in Whatsapp Will Let You Edit Your Media Files Right in the App

WhatsApp will soon be introducing a ‘Quick Edit Media Shortcut’ feature through which you will be able to edit documents you have either received or sent on the app. According to reports from WAbetainfo, this feature is on its way to be launched both for Android and iOS devices.

According to reports of beta app tracker, this new Quick Edit Media Shortcut feature will allow you to edit media files that have been sent or received, whether in a personal chat or group chat.

A few screenshots have also been shown to confirm the existence of such feature which is not yet publicly available.

When the file is tapped on, an Edit button will appear near the existing share and favorite buttons, on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android both. This edit button will enable the instant editing of the media file. This would decrease the other long process of editing files that are either sent or received during the conversation.

Currently, there is no such button in WhatsApp that will let you edit the files received or sent. You have to first receive the file and then use the original media editing feature to make changes before sending the file back.

This new feature will be no different than the already present editing features in app available before sending an image. According to screenshots leaked, you will be allowed the usual cropping, adding text and doodling options.

However, no exact date of development is yet announced. Recently, WhatsApp also introduced QR Code Shortcut that will let you scan and share QR codes easily. It's interesting to see how the instant messaging app is introducing new features every now and then to keep itself ahead in a race of rapidly developing technology.

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