Facebook Stumbles During Promotion of Creator Studio on Mobile [Updated]

Over the past few years Facebook has been trying to rebrand itself as the kind of social media platform that creative people would be able to take advantage of. In an attempt to compete with the likes of YouTube, Facebook started focusing more on video based content and becoming a hub for such kinds of content. Offering monetization options to creators was just the first step, another aspect of Facebook’s attempts to lure creators away from YouTube and other competitor platforms is the launch of Creator Studio.

This is basically a kind of digital dashboard that you can use within Facebook to edit your videos a little and make them look somewhat more professional. Facebook attempted to take Creator Studio another step further by launching it for mobile, but according to tweets from creators and social media users such as Jeff Higgins, this launch has not been quite as successful as Facebook would have been hoping. The main roadblock during this promotion has to do with the fact that Creator Studio has not been optimized for mobile devices, so you get a web browser specific application when you open it up on your smartphone.

The lack of optimization for mobile phones shows that the launch of Creator Studio for this platform was decidedly half baked. Facebook will have to try harder to get marketers to use Creator Studio by optimizing it for mobile use, otherwise the clunky quality of web-focused applications on a mobile phone will be too great a road block for creators to overcome and they would end up sticking to tried and tested platforms like YouTube instead.

Update: In an email to Digital Information World, Facebook's spokesperson explained that, "Facebook’s Creator Studio is a desktop-only one-stop shop for creators to use to manage their Facebook and Instagram presence. Facebook currently does not support Creator Studio on mobile [devices]; and we do not prompt creators to use Creator Studio on mobile."

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This post was originally published on July, 11, 2019, and has been updated on July, 14, 2019 with a response from Facebook.
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