Tiktok’s new digital gifts game exploits young fans and parents are more concerned about their safety

We live in a digital world where we depend mostly on our cell phones for all kind of daily tasks. People use different apps for different purposes, some use it to earn money and some use it to create a space of their own. Internet users usually try to get away from their daily life struggles by using a variety of social media apps. People use these apps to get a variety of entertainment and information on their phones and to forget about their daily life problems for a few seconds.

TikTok- gaining fame every second

Recently, there’s a new craze in society. People are installing and using a new platform named “TikTok”. In this app, people lip-sync some songs or make some videos of 15 seconds and people go head over heels for them. There are a lot of people with millions of fans following on this app. The users of this app get fame by creating unique content that is loved by all.

Live sessions on TikTok

When users get more than 1000 followers, they get the feature of doing live stream for the fans. TikTok introduced this procedure to make the interaction between fans and celebrities easy by live braodcasts. We all know the feeling of seeing your crush live, so people totally love this feature.

With the live session, TikTok also enabled an additional feature of digital gifts. Users with more than 1000 fans following get the feature live transmissions and on those live video sessions, they can receive money in terms of digital gifts as high as £48.99 or $60.

Young fans exploited by digital gifts

A BBC investigation found different influencers promising to share their phone numbers with fans in exchange for the gifts. Different young fans of various creators came out stating the heavy amount of money they spent on digital gifts to their favorite influencers. BBC contacted several TikTok stars using these techniques to earn money but none of them responded back.

Response from TikTok and its stars

Video-sharing app TikTok says it is “sorry” that the young fans felt the pressure to send money to their favorite influencers on the app and they promised to strengthen its policies and guidelines soon. The firm has been fined $5.7 Million by a US regulator after being accused of collecting under-13s personal details without their parents’ consent.

More parental control features and some specific gifts per day or week for users could help make the environment more suitable for all users.

Pay to Play: Young TikTok users exploited by influencers’ new digital gifts game
Photo: Reuters

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