The New Chat Sticker For Instagram Stories Will Help Gathering People For Group Chats

Instagram introduces a chat sticker for its Stories feature that will let users ask their followers whether they want to join a certain group. The person who posted the story will approve people who can join the group.

This new sticker will be joined with other stickers like polls, question boxes, hashtags, etc. This straightforward way will help people create big groups to discuss any topic or for making plans.

When a person posts a chat sticker, the follower can tap on it which will send a request to the poster. The poster will then approve the request whomever he/she wills to make part of the chat that will be in inbox messages. Users can end that chat as well, whenever they want to.

Back in May, Jane Manchun Wong first spotted this feature.

This tool can be beneficial for people who have actual friends as their followers. However, it is yet to see how influencers can utilize it. Though there is an increased number of influencers than people who are limited to their friends only.

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