Snapchat Is Planning to Promote Its Shows With a Dedicated Tab

Last week Mashable unveiled Snapchat's intention to remain relevant in the ever changing landscape of social media platforms and the intense competition that’s currently going on between the various platforms that are vying for supremacy currently. The development was that Snapchat would start producing original content that it referred to as Snap Shows, and the people involved in these shows are a pretty big deal. From Serena Williams to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Snapchat has managed to bag quite a few celebrities that are sure to make Snap Shows a huge success

The next logical step would be to try and promote these shows, and Snapchat is testing out a dedicated tab for Snap Shows that would be used to fulfill this very purpose. This tab would be reserved for Snap Shows and would be used to boost their visibility. It’s important to note that this tab will be similar to the Discover tab but will be distinct from it as well. The Discover tab will be used to promote content made by other content creators, while the new separate tab will be reserved for original content that comprises the Snap Shows label, essentially content that Snapchat is producing itself rather than content creators that are using Snapchat as a platform for their own exposure.

Snapchat remains enormously popular with the younger demographic of internet users, and Snap Shows could potentially tap this market and secure Snapchat’s place as the single most influential platform for younger users. Advertisers looking to market to this demographic will definitely take a great interest in how well Snap Shows manage to do.

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