Pinterest to Introduce an Engagement Tab to Centralize the Comments Moderation Process!

Pinterest might have been put in the back seat with the rise of Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others but it still strives on improving itself to increase user satisfaction and stay relevant.

The latest news from Pinterest concerns users with Business accounts on the platform. The content discovery platform is introducing an Engagement Tab for the purpose of effectively managing comments for Business Accounts.

Pinterest Rolls Out an Engagement Tab to Centralize the Comments Moderation Process!

The Engagement dashboard will surely make many activities for a user with business account on Pinterest easier. Until now, the moderation of comments on multiple “Pins” required each Pin to be accessed separately. This posed a problem for accounts with countless pins having multiple comments. For a Social Media platform to thrive in the current age, ease of use is quite crucial.

Lucky for social media managers, Pinterest has finally taken notice of the issues that are caused due to accessing each pin separately. With the new Engagement Tab, accessing, moderating and responding to comments on different pins will be done through a single Tab. The tab will even allow users to disable comments for a particular post, from the comfort of the Engagement tab.

Pinterest Introduces an Engagement Section For Business Accounts

One other perk of the new addition is that through it, Business accounts can comment on Activity Pins (a feed that consist of recently posted Pins from a verified website) right from the Engagement tab.

Long story short, the moderation process will become a lot simpler now and managing comments and pins through a single tab will give the platform a more business-like feel.

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