Pinterest Introduces a New Feature to Help People Cope with Mental Health Issues

Pinterest is one of the most famous social sites used for searching interests specifically. The platform has now started to make better use of it by serving the community.

People who will search about mental or emotional health or any related topic on Pinterest will be presented with emotional wellness activities.

This was launched in collaboration with Stanford Lab Mental Health Innovation, Brainstorm, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and Vibrant Emotional Health. The purpose is to serve millions of users who look for mental health issues, so they can complete activities while they are anxious, stressed or sad.

These activities include deep breathing, self-compassion exercises and many other small tasks to overcome the distressed feeling.

Company while explaining this new feature said that when a user searches for terms like “stress quote”, “work anxiety” or related terms, it will be taken as if a user is stressed or not emotionally healthy, thus activities will be displayed for a user to follow.

The company further explained that these activities will not be associated with any account rather would be kept private and separate from any other activity on the platform. Usage of this new tool will not result in showing similar recommendations or ads as it will not be tracked.

Activities that appear will be stored on a third-party server, anonymously. Though the name of the third-party server is kept secret by Pinterest but it ensured it is a trustworthy third-party service provider.

Annie Ta, the Pinterest product manager said that the platform is used by people to search their interests, look for ideas and get inspired. However, inspirations are not always readily available either in real life or on the internet.

This new feature is not yet available to all but soon it will be rolled out worldwide.

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