Google’s Homepage Tests Out a New Search Bar

There are few things on the internet that are quite as iconic as the Google search bar. What’s surprising is that for quite a bit of time the search bar has not changed very much even as other aesthetic elements of Google’s front page started to change into the more modern look that they now represent.

The changes can be seen on Google’s own app, but it should be noted that the feature is currently being tested out so not everyone is going to be able to see it. Only users that have the beta version of Google’s app which is often used for testing out new features as well as a wide variety of updates will be able to see it, and not a lot of people have access to this app due do its experimental nature.

There are a lot of different iterations of the new search bar as well which means that Google is trying a bunch of different things out in order to see what ends up proving to be the most popular among those that are taxed with giving Google the kind of input they need regarding aesthetic changes that they are making to their app.

One of the most prominent versions of the new search was rounded off at the edges and had a grey magnifying glass on it, along with text that was visible within the search bar that says “Ask any question”. These updates are probably only going to come to the Android version of the Google App since Google generally takes a while to bring its updates to iOS.

Screenshot courtesy of: 9to5Google.

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