How to Make the Best Out of Your Pinterest Business Account (infographic)

Pinterest is one of the most neglected social media networks because it is more visual and the visuals need to be perfect with all the colors and editing because these pictures are meant to inspire people. As the online brands have started to grow, it has become vital for the companies to have a good online presence for this reason Pinterest might become a game changer. Business owners can start with a professional business account with the analytics tools to keep track of the changes, plus they can upgrade the already existing personal account. Either way, if effectively managed Pinterest can not only generate better leads but also help in bringing more business for the company.

For someone looking to start the business account from scratch a simple step-by-step guide can be very helpful. To make it easier the user can start by adding the personal details just like most of the social media platform require for signing in. Adding the profile picture can attract more people and so it is very important, moreover, the user must add the location of their business outlet if they want to bring in more local customers. If a retailer has a website, it’s better to claim the websites and then attach other social networks in order to help followers to reach every other platform easily. Once the business account is set, the user will be able to access the analytics which means it will be easier to assess the performance of the account. To make it easier for brands, Pinterest has resource pages which can work wonders in helping them underrated the content discovery network.

Once everything is set, representing a brand according to the need of the business becomes vital. To make it easier marketers needs to know about some key steps that are listed below to make sure the business runs smoothly.

· Optimize the content as most pins are discover-able in search engines

· Make your websites Pinterest friendly

· Make a content schedule and stick to it

· Create content that is customer centered and less brand centered

Take a look at this infographic for more insights:

How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Profile for Your Small Business

How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Profile for Your Small Business - infographic

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Note: Pinterest currently has 291 million global monthly active users (MAU), rather 250 million MAU which in mentioned in the graphic.
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