Internet Browsing, Social Media, Email, Messaging: Most Popular App Categories in 2019 [Chart]

These days our lives are dominated by quite a few apps in general. For the most part these apps form an important aspect of how we manage our technological needs, so much so that the idea of there being an app for everything is a humorous aside that is used quite frequently in popular culture. However, have you ever wondered what app categories were the most popular? Research was recently conducted by Statista regarding what app categories are the most popular, and it revealed a lot of important information about apps and how we tend to use them on a more or less regular basis.

Over three quarters of the respondents in the survey stated that they used internet browsing apps, making them the most popular app category. However, they are closely followed by social media which is an app category that about seventy percent of the adults surveyed tended to use. The rest of the top app categories are similarly predictable, with emailing and messaging apps being used by a majority of people. It is the least popular apps that are quite intriguing, because they show that certain app categories have not managed to break into the mainstream in spite of the fact that they might have apps that are quite useful in their own way and have found some kind of success.

Out of all of the respondents only nine percent stated that they regularly used dating apps, which is shocking when you consider just how popular Tinder is these days. This might be because of the fact that the participants used to gather this data just happened to be from a particular group that does not use dating apps, but that does not make this information any less surprising.

Top Smartphone App Categories People Report Using

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