LinkedIn launching new features to ease its user's preparation for job interviews

On Tuesday, LinkedIn has announced various new features which will help you prepare your job interview.

The Microsoft-owned network already suggests most frequently interview questions, tips and advice from the professional experts and recruiting managers.

Over the next several weeks, LinkedIn will propose short and easy to understand videos that will teach you how to approach these interview inquiries.
"At LinkedIn, we’ve found that 54 percent of jobseekers say the interview phase is “moderately to extremely challenging” due to two reasons: uncertainty and lack of confidence. That’s why we’re starting to roll out a new suite of tools to help you prepare more effectively, so you’re ready to crush your next interview.", announced Deepti Patibandla in a blog post.
Those with a Premium membership will be able to get the sample interview answers approved by experts.

Starting this month, these resources for interview preparation will be available in English speaking countries on both desktop and mobile phones.

Furthermore, the company is launching a new way of practicing the interview Question's answers privately by recording and analyzing them.

And also later this summer, you will be able to share your recordings with other LinkedIn users to get advice and feedback.

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