LinkedIn Introduces Photo-tagging and Video-Sharing in Messaging to Promote Conversation on the Platform!

And if there was any doubt regarding LinkedIn inclining towards a conversation-friendly platform, the addition of two new features being added should clear all those doubts.

On Wednesday, The Business and Employment-Oriented Service rolled out two features to help users in conversing better with each other. The first feature was the photo tagging option and the second one would allow users to add videos along with their messages.

In a blog post, Pete Davies, Senior director of product management, explained that members who post photos now have the option to tag the people featured in those photos. According to Davies, the world appears to be smaller and one’s community seems tighter if they let people know about members in their community.

As for the second feature, videos can now be added along with messages. Davies stressed upon the importance of videos and said that countless members have shared ideas, views, opinions, experiences and whatnot with their connections and groups through videos.

Apart from the two features discussed above, LinkedIn has also made a few changes to its mobile application design. The post button has now been relocated to the bottom-center of the screen. Message button, on the other hand, has been taken to the top-right corner.

Additionally, members will now be able to easily find groups they are a part of and hashtags they follow. On Desktop, these options can now be spotted on the feed’s right side. On the mobile app, these options will appear once the profile picture is tapped on.

Thus, it can be said that the Professional Network has been making efforts to up its game. It remains to be seen how these new features and changes are received by the users.

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