YouTube Creators Want More Competition: What’s the Reason?

YouTube is a platform where you earn a living by posting your videos. Recently, many YouTube stars were interviewed who showed that there is not much competition to YouTube from other platforms.

Amazon's Twich, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and many other platforms are currently trying to get as much video talent as they can to feature on their platforms.

Even though many platforms are featuring new video talent still YouTube stars feel that there is not much serious competition.

YouTube allows people to make videos independently and post their content on it. YouTube released its revenue-sharing plan back in 2007, which was a real moment of joy for many video creators.

YouTube allows its people to post episodic shows, connect advertisers to creators, etc. In this manner, the video creators earn profit by making money directly by their fans through merchandise and subscriptions.

As Joey Graceffa, creator of a YouTube channel with 9 million followers stated that competition can help in improving YouTube and can provide a better experience.

According to Graceffa, if YouTube had more competition then it would invest more in its video creators.

Talking about competition, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, the owner of the Vessel, tried to poach the video creators by paying them double to what YouTube was paying them. Jason Kilar asked them to post the videos 3 days before posting them to YouTube.

Graceffa said that the creation of "Escape the Night" is all because of the Vessel's offer. Graceffa said that YouTube gave a counteroffer to maintain the number of creators on their platform.

Takahashi, another video star stated that YouTube currently has no real competitor in the market. Even though YouTube stars are taking interest in TikTok and Instagram but still it does not impose any threat to YouTube.

YouTube allows the creators to conveniently earn from their video content, which no other website currently offers. For content creators such as Graceffa or Takahashi, it is important for them to understand that their interest in other platforms should not affect their income from YouTube.

IGTV, which is another video platform introduced by Instagram is receiving hype from millions of users, still, it does not give any monetary benefit to the creators and publishers.

Denzel Dion, who has 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.8 million followers on Instagram, posts one video on IGTV every week. He is still more interested in YouTube as it is monetized.

Big video creators such as Takahashi and Dion have signed up some sponsorship deals for their IGTV videos and consider it a place where they can revive the experience of editing videos like in their initial days.

Davis also stated that he and Lily Marston started their Shared Media on YouTube due to the success it brought to them in the past.

They stated that YouTube is the best platform if you are willing to start a new company.

Facebook is appearing as the next best option for YouTube stars to earn money by posting videos. Both Facebook and YouTube pay 55% of their ad revenue to the video creators but according to some creators Facebook approximately gives up to $4 per 1000 impression; whereas, YouTube only gives around $2.6.

Even though apparently Facebook is paying more than YouTube but its reliability is always questioned due to the surfacing scandals.

YouTube is a safe place with profits for video creators but still, they feel that it needs to have a competitor. It is not because they are seeking to switch to any platform but they want an alternative to keep their income running.

YouTube Creators Want More Competition: What’s the Reason?

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