Twitter Introduces a New Feature to Ensure that Users can easily Follow Back their Followers!

Twitter has finally incorporated its highly divisive redesign to its web version. It can be said that it would take a certain amount of time before the change could grow on the web users, provided that things go well.

Moreover, Twitter web got another feature added today. The new feature aims to ensure that users have an easy time following back their followers, if they wish to of course!

How it will work is that once a user gets a new follower, instead of just receiving a notification containing the username of the new follower, their bio will also pop up. Along with the bio, an option to follow them back will be present as well, eliminating the need to open the followers’ profile to follow them back.

Twitter shared a Gif as well to explain the new feature and it can be found on its official handle.

According to the Social Networking service, the new feature would allow their web app to operate much efficiently.

Although there is no doubt that the redesign and new feature could prove to be game changers in the near future, many users still believe that a less crowded interface design could be more helpful and that there should be plans for it.

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