Google Search Results Lacking YouTube Videos Is Irritating Some Users

We live in a digital world where everything is easily done via the internet. Different technologies are being introduced every day to ease people’s lives. Various companies work on providing unique products to its users from new mobile devices with unique features to a variety of new apps to ease people in all the ways possible. People nowadays pretty much depend on everything over the internet.

Over the past years, with a huge change in the technology of internet devices, there is also a gradual change in the usage of the Google search engine. It is one of the largest search engines in the world. People use Google search for a variety of purposes. Some use this search engine to learn new recipes while some use to find jobs nearby. Google search engine is a platform that helps people in all the ways possible by providing the desired content in all formats ranging from podcasts to links of videos as well. The Google Search Engine provides all formats of content and from various trustworthy sources so that it can help users find whatever they are looking for.

The issues of users with Google favoring its own properties

We often see complaints from people about Google prefer its own properties over third-party properties. When you search for results from Indeed, Google prefers displaying Google Job listings instead. Same goes with Google favoring Google My Business listings over YELP. Even Google prefers displaying YouTube videos over third-party videos.

The recent controversy of Google Search Engine results with a YouTuber on Twitter

Although most of the time we see complaints of Google Favoring its own products more as compared to others but this time there is a YouTuber who is angry at Google for not Displaying YouTube videos in the results.

On Twitter, a YouTuber, Zennie Abraham, started accusing Google of displaying Third-party video links instead of YouTube results to which Danny Sullivan from Google defended.

He stated that Google only shows relevant content whether a YouTube source or a third-party doesn’t matter as long as the content is relevant. He also stated that YouTube is not giving any sort of special advantage to YouTube videos over other video sources. People who want to search only YouTube videos can easily search on YouTube directly because their mission is to help people find the most relevant information Google owned or non-owned properties doesn’t matter at all.

Bottom Line

Google has always been accused of favoring its owned properties instead of others but this is exactly the opposite of it. The people want Google to be fair to Google-owned and non-owned properties and share the wealth of referral traffic.

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