Searching for 'Work-From-Home Opportunities' has never been easier, thanks to Google's new job Search Tools!

Many people these days prefer working from a remote location (mainly from home) instead of spending a big chunk of the day on the road or sitting behind a desk. However, finding a remote job that perfectly suits the candidate’s skills can be a time-consuming task. Worry no more as Google has got it covered for you, thanks to the new job search filters.

Consider you are looking for a particular job such as “Social media management” or “Graphic design” or any other, simply set your location to “work from home” and Google will filter out the irrelevant results from the ones displayed, making it easier for you to discover only the type of work you are looking for. Additionally, if you do not want to limit your search to a specific type of work, simply search “work from home jobs” and the available opportunities shall be displayed.

A new way to find work-from-home (or wherever) opportunities in Google search

Thanks to the markup, using which Google has been able to properly implement this location-based feature. The job listing sites currently associated with it are We Work Remotely, ZipRecruiter and Working Nomads. However, more sites are expected to join as well, making even more remote opportunities available for users. Last but not the least, Job boards and Employers which utilize the Cloud Talent Solution offered by Google, will be able to mark the remote positions, once they are open, so that they are displayed along with the search results as well.

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