Google’s “Shoelace” Is Its Latest Foray into Social Media

Google tried quite hard to make Google+ work, but the ill fated social media platform just never took off and the only users it got were people that were forced to link their other Google accounts with Google+. Google finally decided to shut Google+ down, publicly accepting that their foray into the world of social media was not entirely successful, but it seems like the internet juggernaut will soon be taking another calculated stab at developing a social network with its new project titled “Shoelace”.

The most important thing to note here is the difference in approach. This time around, instead of going for an all out social media network that is meant to compete with Facebook, Google is going for something decidedly smaller scale and a lot more community oriented. Shoelace will be a highly localized platform that is meant to connect you to people that are close by. Basically, if you are about to attend a concert of some sort or perhaps go to a sports game and you would like someone to accompany you, Shoelace will be a place where you can find people with similar interests. It seems to be more in the vein of Tinder and MeetMe style apps rather than bigger social media networks.
"Shoelace was built by a small team in Area 120, Google's workshop for experimental products. Our mission is to use technology to help facilitate real-world connection.", explained Shoelace in its frequently asked questions section.
The app is currently available on an invite only basis, and it should also be noted that this isn’t the first social networking app of this style that Google has experimented with. Back in 2011 Google launched Schemer which, although not successful or well known, is a blueprint for what Shoelace is currently trying to do.

Shoelace is a mobile app that helps connect people with shared interests through in person activities. It’s great for folks who have recently moved cities or who are looking to meet others who live nearby.

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