Google’s New Podcast Focused Search Results Have Arrived

After being announced at Google's annual developer conference 2019, Google’s new podcast focused search results have finally arrived.

This update allows users to listen to podcasts without using any standalone podcast app, as they can be played directly in Google’s web player on

Searching for a relevant podcast now displays its three most recent episodes and can be played by clicking the "play" button.

This feature has gone live on both mobile and desktop devices and is quite helpful on iOS as a dedicated Google Podcasts app is still not available for Apple users, as explained by Google search help page.

The Web player has all the features of playback controls similar to the Google Podcast Android app, launched last year.

Screenshot: Digital Information World

You can skip back and forth, manage playback speed and also it will sync all your playback status across all your devices if you are signed in with your Google account.

However, there is no customized page designed to view all subscribed podcasts.

The interface restricts you to browse episodes from one podcast only unlike the Google podcast Android app.

Google isn't the only tech giant who has launched a web-based podcast player lately, in fact, back in April Apple updated its web interface for Podcasts to enable it to play episodes directly which started the rumors that Apple may divide iTunes into multiple genres apps (Music, TV, and Podcast).

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