Facebook’s Stories Trend Is Rising among Users, Might Turn Into A Good Luck for Social Media Giant

Cowen (an independent investment bank and financial services company) has analyzed that there is a rise in the use of Facebook’s Stories feature among its users. From the data, it is expected that the trend might increase the average time that people spend on Facebook.

According to Cowen, this trend might be a good news for Facebook after facing so many scandals in the past few days.

Facebook is one of those social media platforms that has been through many crises. As a result of these scandals, the average time that its users spent on Facebook was decreased by a great extent.

Based on a recent survey on the America’s internet habits, the trend of using Facebook stories is increasing among Facebook users.

The results of the survey showed that the second quarter of 2019 was the major time when the usage of Facebook stories went up.

The data shows that among 18-24 year-old, it went from 40% to 44% and in 55-64 year-old, it went up from 24% to 30%.

There’s definitely a rise in the usage of Facebook stories among users.

Study Reveals Facebook Stories Are Becoming A Quiet Hit, And Could Help Reverse A Troubling Trend For The Social Network

Cowen has stated that Instagram’s Stories feature is much more established and talked-about among advertisers and users. However, the firm has suggested that if the trend of using Facebook stories keep on increasing then it might be a good omen for Facebook in the coming years.

The number of Facebook users has not decreased as much as the time that people spend on Facebook. Hence, the stories feature on Facebook can definitely turn the case upside down.

According to the data, overall, 36% of US Facebookers used the stories feature in second quarter of 2019 and 33% in Q1, 2019.

The advertisers can also benefit from the stories feature of Facebook if the trend keeps on getting stronger among its users.

Hat Tip: Business Insider.

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