Facebook is Being Criticized for Forcing Page Admins to Use Creator Studio for Publishing Posts!

Every day, we come to hear about an exciting feature/update being tested for a commonly used Social Media Platform. Many of these features get appreciated while others get criticized. Looks like Facebook’s recent move is a disappointing one, according to those towards whom it is directed.

The move we are talking about was shared on Twitter by Ahmed Ghanem and Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra. According to them, Facebook is now forcing Page Admins to Publish/Schedule their Posts via the Creator Studio. Earlier, the posting was done directly through Publishing Tools tab but now the Social Media giant is trying to slowly phase it out.

Facebook is Being Criticized for Forcing Page Admins to Use Creator Studio for Publishing Posts!

Due to this, many page admins and creators are critical of the decision as posting on a Page would require extra effort due to them being redirected to Creator Studio to process their posts.

Sadly, Facebook has not updated anything about Creator Studio redirection on it Help Center page, which still misguidedly suggests users that Publishing Tool can be used to edit or publish draft posts (which is not that case).

There are many reasons behind why page admins are critical of this change as it has been causing quite an inconvenience while posting a video as according to some users, a stagnant progress bar just pops up and doesn’t disappear until they press “F5” to refresh.

Also, the uncertainty regarding the impact this move will have on third-party tool market is also concerning.

So unless Facebook doesn’t give a thorough explanation regarding the motive behind this change, or provide solutions to the presented problems and provide clarity regarding how different tools will be affected by it, don’t expect this change to sit well with the creators and business pages. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this story.

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