Facebook's announcement at VidCon reveals its future plans about Product Collabs and Fan Subscriptions

The digital world we live in provides all sorts of services. Different companies provide a variety of services via different apps. Facebook is one of the largest online platforms that provide all sorts of services from entertainment, messaging to buy and sell various products. Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps in the whole world with millions of users.

Facebook always tries to bring some new features to attract more users and to make their experience worthwhile. Facebook has a huge variety of teams working towards making unique services for its users and along with that making, it all secured for them. At VidCon, the social network Facebook is revealing its plans as a part of a broader slate of monetization. A media and publisher help center page confirms that Facebook will be charging a 30% share of subscription revenue beginning on January 1, 2020.

Fan Subscriptions

In early 2018, Facebook started the fan subscriptions allowing creators to charge their fans $4.99 per month in exchange for access to exclusive content and a fan page as well. During the early stages, Facebook didn’t charge for any subscription revenue allowing creators to take everything excluding the fee collected by Apple and Google on mobile subscriptions.

Subscription Charges to creators by Facebook

Recently the Director of Media Monetization informed the media outlets that Facebook will be allowing creators to keep 70% of subscriptions revenue from now onwards.

When the mobile platforms collect their 30% fee on first-year subscriptions, Facebook won’t take a cut but as the platforms reduce their share to 15% in the second year, Facebook will take the other 15%. On Desktop, Facebook will take full 30% from the beginning. All of this only applies to the new subscribers starting in January. Facebook won’t be charging those who signed up before January.

Additional features soon to be launched by Facebook

Facebook is allowing creators to launch exclusive groups for its subscriber and it's also expanding the Facebook Stars program as well. These feature are in testing phase right now but the company says that creators should be able to earn 1 cent for each star a fan sends to them, and yes, Facebook will also be taking a part of this revenue as well.

Facebook is also making some ad-related announcements like content creators will be able to put non-interruptive ad formats in their videos, so there are no ad breaks inserted anymore.

The goal of the tech giant is to create a space where products can be used individually or in a bundle as well. Ad breaks work best for creators with a wide audience, subscriptions work well across the board with brand collaborators. There are also some specific eligibility requirements to participate in Brand collabs Manager and Fan Subscriptions.

Facebook is planning to launch several new features for video creators to make money

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