Facebook Watch Is Going To Become Even Bigger And Better - Without Show Pages

Facebook Watch was introduced as a video service belonging to the class of professional video creators who wanted to advertise episodes on their show pages. But it seems like that the company is now shifting gears to make the section available for all kinds of creators, thus giving them equal opportunity to showcase their content and compete.

The revelation was made in a tweet by Matt Navarra, which further stated that Facebook is sending out emails to all video makers, in order to let them know that their show pages will soon be reverted back to the video page template. Moreover to compensate for the features of show pages, Facebook will introduce a feature of ‘series’ that will let publishers upload their episodes on video pages and regular pages, together.

This move has been made to simplify the publishing process for all the video makers as previously a show page was required to post video content in Facebook Watch. In fact it initially worked as a section especially reserved for verified publishers, entertainment studios and other video programmers. Other creators were asked to fill a form and apply for the show page.

It all ended up creating too many requirements for content creators as they had to run multiple pages just to showcase their episodes on Facebook Watch and the platform’s algorithm also gave more favors to the show pages.

Fortunately, Facebook has fully acknowledged the issue and Watch will now be open to all types of video creators - just like YouTube.

Despite the ease, we are still not sure whether the audience will like the cosmetic change or not. It can even create an impact on the revenue of publishers and Facebook hasn’t really informed anything about monetization changes along with the transformation. The email only announced “in the coming months” and this will definitely raise a lot of questions once its out.

Facebook’s latest change to Watch makes it more like YouTube
Photo: Facebook Newsroom

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