Lawsuit Prompts Facebook to Start Handling Scam Ads

Facebook’s reputation has really gone down the drain in 2018, and following this year full of security breaches and scandals Facebook has been on the receiving end of some pretty serious lawsuits. One of the most recent lawsuits involves a British television personality by the name of Martin Lewis who is also the owner of a consumer finance website by the name of If you live in the UK and have been using Facebook recently, you would probably already have seen ads featuring Lewis’s image that talk about how you can save hundreds of thousands of pounds using a loophole that he ostensibly came up with. There’s just one problem with all of this: none of it is true.

The people that are running these ads are using Lewis’s image without his permission, but that’s not the real story here. People try to scam other people all the time. The real story is that in spite of the fact that Lewis tried to report the ads to Facebook and have them taken down the ads have still been up and running without enough responses from Facebook to warrant this kind of behavior.

In the wake of this lawsuit, Facebook has been scrambling to make things right by making a huge millions of dollar donation to Citizens Advice Scam Action as well as creating a task force that will see reported ads within the UK. There is currently no plan to extend this kind of courtesy to users in other parts of the world, although the person in charge of Facebook in Northern Europe has stated that they might just expand it globally if it ends up doing the job well enough in the UK as well as any close by areas it might extend itself to.
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Facebook Promises to Crack Down on Scam Ads After U.K. Lawsuit
Photo: Kirsty O'Connor - PA Images via Getty Images

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