Vine's former head to join Facebook's apps experimentation team soon

TheVerge reported that the former head of Vine, Jason Toff, will soon be joining Facebook after leaving Google. Looking after and regulating the beginning of New Product Experimentation (in short, NPE) team would be his responsibility.

Facebook has been upgrading itself and is now making a new product experimentation team. This team will put light on experiencing new things for creating communities. This team will focus on making experimental apps for consumers who are not included in the Facebook brand.

Jason Toff will be the head of this team. He also confirmed this development in his tweet.

Jason Toff was the head of Vine and left Vine in 2016 after which he joined Google where he handled virtual reality projects and also worked in Google’s in-house Area 120 incubator.

Jason’s previous record can let him have an edge over the others and new apps experimentations and advancements on Facebook can be predicted.

Facebook to hire Vine’s former head for his apps experimentation team
Photo: Jasontoff / Twitter

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