Facebook Continues to Exhibit Strong User Engagement despite of Being Embroiled in Countless Controversies!

Facebook has been embroiled in a lot of controversies over the last few years. That should indicate that the Social Media Giant must have lost a large portion of its user-base. However, that is not the case.

Facebook has had outage issues, privacy scandals and several other problems in the last few years. Still, the user engagement recorded in the first six months of this year has been off the charts.

With the second-quarter earnings report about to be published, the increased user engagement is surely a plus point.

There has been an impressive rise in the median number of comments posted, likes and ads clicked by Facebook users from the start of this year to the present day, as per Facebook’s Audience Insights tool that is used by Advertisers for collecting data regarding particular demographics.

In the US, the increase in monthly median engagement levels between January 3 and July 18 was from 6 to 8 in the Posted comments, 9 to 13 in Posts liked, and 13 to 17 in Ads clicked.

The worldwide stats weren’t much different either as the Posted comments increased from 4 to 5, Liked Posts increased from 9 to 13, whereas the Ads clicked increased from 8 to 11.

The principal analyst at Futurum Research Daniel Newman said that a continuous improvement has been witnessed in Facebook’s data, algorithm and the how machine learning is being utilized. Due to this, users are being presented with relevant content, resulting in an increase in engagement.

Although Facebook boasts over 2.7 billion monthly users across the apps and services it owns, with over 1.56 billion daily Facebook users, the user growth is starting to slow down in crucial markets such as Europe and US.

However, the Stories features have garnered a lot of users since their introduction to Facebook. The option to post Stories is available on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. In April, Facebook claimed that over 500 million daily users utilize the Stories features.

According to Kim Forrest, the chief investment officer of investment firm Bokeh Capital, Facebook should attempt to retain its customers that have been engaged for long in order to keep the advertisers engaged.

Lastly, Newman added that Facebook is known for making good of tough situations, when it comes to Wall Street. So, he expects nothing different this time as well.

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