WhatsApp working on a new feature that lets you share status to other social media apps, including Facebook

If we look closely we’ll realize that almost all social media platforms now have 24-hour stories format. Snapchat was the main creator of this short story theme but later on, different social networking apps also introduced this feature. Majority of people share their status on different social apps with a different circle of friends.

According to Whatsapp Help Center, WhatsApp is testing a new feature to let its users share posts from their WhatsApp status to other social apps.

WhatsApp status Updates

WhatsApp status is a short story style and with that, you can post images, text or videos on your profile that will disappear after 24 hours. You can post anything on your feed just for a specific time period and after that, it will disappear and won't be seen again.

From today onwards, users of WhatsApp beta version will see a new share option beneath their statuses. This can be used to share and post their status directly to Facebook story or send to some other social networks like Instagram or Google photos. This means that WhatsApp is testing a new feature to ease users to easily share their same status on different social apps without the worry of sharing them again and again.

Will the apps be linked to share status?

Although you’ll share directly to your social apps but WhatsApp tells that it will not put any impact on our other social apps. Apparently, the data will be shared between apps but only on-device. This means even if you share your WhatsApp status to Facebook or Instagram, these two apps will remain separate. You don’t have to worry about your social apps and the personal data stored on these different apps because it will remain separated from each other. There is no option to automatically share your status with other apps; it will be only shared by the user, manually.

Release for beta users

Previously when Facebook released a data sharing option for users, it cost them a lot so WhatsApp needs to be careful about their first impression of data sharing among different apps.

WhatsApp new status sharing feature doesn’t have any data sharing that made problems for Facebook in the past. Launched in 2017, WhatsApp statuses have been growing since then and will become the first place to even show ads.

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