WhatsApp currently working to introduce a new feature for Muted status updates

I think sometimes we all get tired to watch so many WhatsApp stories from a person. I mean if they are informative we would love to watch, but no one likes to consume 20 random videos on WhatsApp. People usually spam the feed with these lame stories and we can’t even delete their numbers because the stories are bad but the people are nice. We are left with no option but to watch and skip those stories as fast as possible.

Feature to Mute stories

Previously WhatsApp introduced us with a feature to mute the unwanted WhatsApp stories. Yes, it totally made our lives easier that we can have a peaceful life without the stress of watching the excessive amount of stories. But I guess deep down we all have this curiosity to even watch the muted stories. We have this interest to still watch what the other person might be up to. We regret it but we still watch it too (maybe because of FOMO effect).

Mute Stories on Android Beta version

Recently, WhatsApp released a beta version for Android where there is an additional feature called “Hide Muted status”. This feature helps to completely vanish the muted stories as long as we desire. This means even if you look in the below section of WhatsApp stories, you will find nothing. This new feature was currently spotted in the beta version 2.19.183 of WhatsApp.

Currently, it is disabled by default for now but WhatsApp is working to develop this feature and it will be enabled soon. This means that even if you have the beta version of WhatsApp or the latest version this feature is not enabled yet.

Mute WhatsApp stories additional Feature

Currently, if you mute the stories, they go on the bottom of the WhatsApp stories section and are still visible. With this new feature, according to WABetaInfo, there will be a Hide button along with the muted status updates. If you press this button all the muted status updates will disappear and a “show” button will replace the hide button to bring back the hidden muted stories.

Although there is no actual release date about this feature But WhatsApp for Android beta version already introduced an improved version of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature which allows users to watch videos in a pop-up window while switching to different chats. This feature also allows playing videos in the floating window even if the WhatsApp is in the background.

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