Stranger Things Bags Yet Another Interesting Partnership With Snapchat

Since its launch "Stranger Things" has worked like a charm for Netflix. The story mainly focuses on kids who are stuck somewhere in the 4th dimension. The show is notoriously known for binge-watching, especially among the younger audience, however, that’s not all. Stranger things are also known to be working like a charm when it comes to marketing and attracting big brands. Some of the big brands that have worked with stranger things previously include popular 80’s food and snacks related brands including Oreo, KFC, Cheetos, Eggo, Reese’s Pieces, 3 Musketeers. However, as popularity grew it attracted other popular brands like Radioshack, Polaroid, JVC, and even Reebok. Recently Lyft has also partnered with the TV show but now social media networking sites are also taking their chance with stranger things.

Since the main theme of the series revolves around the lost and find theme Snapchat introduced a new stranger things theme filter just before the launch of their upcoming season. This filter is called Landmark and it has been designed to help the users with building location landmarks on top of the popular landmarks globally. Although with their innovated filters Snapchat has always managed to stand out this time they have made their bet on something more innovative, better and bigger. They have tried killing two birds with one stone which has obviously paid well for them so far as both Netflix and Snapchat has fulfilled their marketing and engagement goal.

With the help of the landmark filter, the user will be able to scan any popular monument globally and will see an interesting filter on the monument. Previously, moving filters, rainbow and IR manipulations were just limited to the individual and the filter was only able to scan the face however, this filter has changed everything. Now the user will be able to scan popular buildings and see the filter manipulation on these buildings. Furthermore, by inserting the stranger things theme, the user will be able to enjoy the Demogorgon on the building. Snapchat has issued an introductory video on their official YouTube channel to explain the use of this filter and they have also challenged the users to become more creative and make something memorable. Now with the help of this filter the user will no longer take pictures in boring poses in front of their favorite monuments, instead, they can become more creative with the use of filters. Snapchat has been through a lot recently but these interesting partnerships seem to attract more users and this has helped the company to get back to their feet.

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