Twitch launches an exclusive ‘subscriber only’ stream

Being a Twitch channel subscriber will now give you more perks than simply emotes, ad-free viewing, and access to special chat rooms. The live-video streaming platform is introducing a beta for Subscribers Streams where only users with active subscriptions, mod privileges, and VIP status will be welcomes.

Through this initiative, the creators will give the subscribing individuals several perks including behind-the-scenes specials and all-request game sessions. The non-subscribers will also be given a preview with immediate access if they choose to sign up.

The on-demand videos will also be accessible to the subscribers only but the clips don't have any limitations.

The beta is available to the users who have reached Affiliate or Partner status.

And to minimize the chances of creators showing ‘questionable’ content through live streams, the Twitch management is only allowing Subscriber Streams to the creator who has not violated community guidelines in the past 90 days. Additionally, any user can report a violation if they saw any during live previews.

Twitch users may feel that the company is locking some content behind a paywall but the feature would definitely be attractive to experienced Twitch broadcasters who are looking for ways to increase their subscription counts.

Ultimately, more Twitch users would either start broadcasting or enhance their efforts, which may increase the likelihood of seeing more high-quality streams on the platform.

Subscriber Streams are coming to Twitch

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