How To Avoid “Fear Of Missing Out” At An Event - #infographic

Before social media FOMO, or fear of missing out, wasn’t such a serious problem. These days there’s a distinct FOMO cycle - you see your friends or colleagues doing stuff on social media, you feel left out and start to feel bad for yourself, so you schedule yourself for some events you don’t really want to go to so that you can post about it on social media and make other people see how awesome you are. Unfortunately this is a better way to make yourself exhausted than it is a way to make yourself feel better about your life and then the cycle starts all over again.

Even professionally you can feel FOMO. Going to professional development conferences and networking events is a standard part of any professional’s career, and missing out on these things when everyone else you know is going can give you serious FOMO. You can even have FOMO when you are at an event - have you ever had to decide between two seminars you really wanted to go to at a conference because of a scheduling conflict? You’ve had professional FOMO, and technology can help.

More live event coordinators are starting to use tech to connect their audiences to their events. Live streaming is a great way to catch a seminar while you take a break or if you can’t attend in person, and podcasts can help you catch up on a seminar you missed because you were going to a different one. Learn more about how tech can alleviate event FOMO from this infographic!
FOMO: how to be everywhere at an event - infographic
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