Twitter trying out new options – aims to enhance engagement amongst users

Just like other leading social media channels, Twitter is always trying to make its service more user-friendly by adding various new features.

This week, the micro-blogging website began testing new updates that you must have already noticed during your visit.

The first feature enables users to share tweets with their close acquaintances with more ease while the other is a new format related to the notifications tab.

Twitter – Sharing with ease

Let’s start with the first feature.

The sharing feature on Twitter is a new option that will prompt the Twitterati with direct sharing links via DM to the people they frequently communicate with.

Those who frequently share tweets with their friends through DM will find this feature very handy. It will also enhance the ‘private sharing’ trend that most social media, predominantly Facebook is looking to capitalize.

YouTube and Instagram also follow a similar sharing prompt. And in the future, it will be interesting to see if the new feature enhances sharing and interaction on Twitter.

Customized notifications

The other test that has been reported by users as well is a new mini profile card alert for new follows. This makes it easy for Tweeters to avail more information about the user requesting to follow. In fact, the follow prompt will provide a full profile description along with a follow button for immediate action.

Although the update makes accepting follow requests more convenient, it also does clutter the alert streams. It also seems that the updated feature has been revered as many users are reporting seeing the format earlier but are back to the traditional follow prompts nowadays.

As of yet, we cannot confirm whether both the features in ‘test mode’ will be officially rolled out but seems like the new updates will definitely improve connection and engagement amongst Twitteratis.

Stay updated with us for more news regarding the features.

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