How Brand Safety is Affecting Consumer Perception in Today’s World? [infographic]

With the growing marketing trends, businesses are now becoming more conscious about brand image and safety. They know that consumers are becoming more aware of the environment and this is the reason they now look for brands that keep the safety of the environment first. However, regardless of how safe the brand is, marketing plays an important role in setting the perception of the consumers. Placing advertisement during or after harmful or offensive content plays a very important role in setting a perception about the brand and the product in general.

During the last two years, brand safety has emerged as a serious concern for most of the companies. Just because of careless marketing strategy and not understanding the concept of brand safety, over 250 advertisers have pulled out their marketing campaigns from major social media platforms (including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter). Some of the bigger brands including Disney, Nestle, AT&T have recently made a comeback to these platforms, others still remain in doubt waiting for the right moment. Around 60% of the consumers experienced fake news, hateful content and inappropriate content and this is the reason brands were concerned where their advertisement was placed.
"After seeing an ad in mobile games, 1 in 4 purchase advertised products or services. Despite Instagram’s recent moves to become more of a platform for e-commerce advertising, less than 1 in 8 consumers purchase after seeing an ad there.", explained study.
To make the process easy to understand, AdColoney Brand Safety Survey presented a report for marketers. This report explains that most of the mobile users prefer to see advertisement during mobile games (16%) rather than streaming through videos on YouTube (15%) Instagram (7%) or Snapchat (8%). However, users still like to see an advertisement on social media networks like Facebook (36%) as well as Google (18%).

Since mobile games have the lowest rate of facing the problem of fake news, they are considered better platforms for advertising the product as compared to other networks like Facebook, YouTube etc. The report also explains that the highest rate of purchasing a product after seeing an advertisement also happens to be the mobile gaming industry. 1 in 4 people like to purchase the product that they saw during the playing game which is the highest number of consumers, as compared to other social media networks.

Due to all these reasons, brands are now asking a major question like how and where to post an ad that can change the perceptive of buyers and convince them to become loyal customer. Advertisers need to be vigilant where they place an ad and who they want to be associated with, once wrong sentence or bad advertisement placement and the brand can suffer a lot. Brands must invest in a brand safe environment which means they need to take a safer medium like mobile gaming as a medium of advertisement.

Brand safety - the next big thing in marketing and advertising industry

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